Flooring Services

We offer a wide range of flooring services to the commercial and industrial sector, providing you with flooring that not only looks great but is hardwearing, durable and long lasting too.


An ever popular option, we supply and install carpets in an array of styles and colours to perfectly suit the requirements of different areas of your property as well as to compliment the branding of your business and make your setting a comfortable place to work for your staff.

Our team are on hand to offer advice and guidance around the best carpets to meet your needs.

Carpet Tiles

Hardy, resilient and long lasting, carpet tiles are a great options for areas where there is heavy footfall, such as offices, schools and shops. Providing a modern, sleek finish, the installation of carpet tiles can instantly transform the appearance of one room or a whole building.

We are vastly experienced in installing carpet tiles, so are on hand to guide you through the different options available to you.


Our commercial flooring solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and hardwearing, giving you the confidence that you are making an investment that will last as well as appeal to those who work, visit or shop in your setting.

Our knowledgeable team will take you through all the options available and help you identify the best commercial flooring for your premises.


A highly cost effective way of installing beautiful yet robust flooring in commercial or industrial premises, laminate is a fantastic option for covering very large areas. We have a number of wood and tile effect laminates for you to choose from, with a tough and long lasting end result guaranteed.

From areas large or small, we are on hand to advise you through the process, helping you to stay within your allocated budget from the outset.


When looking for high-end flooring for a commercial setting, you arguably won’t get much better than real wood. Investing in this material for your property will be one that you can enjoy for many years to come, with a variety of styles and finishes for you to choose from to suit the style of your property and the day to day traffic it will face.

From start to finish we’re on hand to help, and will give guidance on how best to take care of your wood floor after installation.


Resin flooring is a great choice for many commercial settings, from retail and office spaces to hospitality venues and other public buildings. Capable of handling significant foot traffic as well as being impervious to damp and resistant to chips, scratches and other damage, you can make full use of your new resin flooring for many years to come.

Our team are vastly skilled and trained in the installation of resin flooring, achieving quality results every single time.

Safety Flooring

Our safety flooring is specifically designed for commercial and industrial spaces where safety is of paramount importance. Slip resistant to avoid accidents, our safety flooring comes in many different styles and finishes, and is hard wearing.

We can help make sure the flooring in your premises puts the safety of all those working or visiting at the forefront.

Sport Flooring & Line Marking

We install a range of high quality sports flooring for schools, leisure centres and private sports clubs, ensuring teams and individuals have the very best surface on which to perform. Our line marking service can also mark out the likes of football and hockey pitches, badminton, basketball or netball courts to meet your needs too.

We have been installing quality sports flooring for many years, so can help you, your team or your pupils reach the next level.


Vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice when looking for a long lasting yet stylish flooring option. Ideal for corridors, classrooms, kitchens, offices and many other spaces within commercial and industrial settings, you have a great choice of colours, designs and finishes to choose from.

A further benefit is its low maintenance so, after installation by our team, there will be very little you’ll need to do to keep it looking as good as new.

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